1. Conch Shell House (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

2. Device to Root Out Evil (Vancouver, Canada)

3. Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA, USA

4. Upside Down House (Szymbark, Poland)

5. Puzzling World Lake Wanaka (Otago, New Zealand)

6. Low impact woodland house (Wales, UK)

7. BWM Welt, Munich, Germany

8. Cowboy Boots Bathroom (Seattle, WA, USA)

9. The Big Duck (Flanders, NY, USA)

10. Lucy the Margate Elephant (Margate, NJ, USA)

Spoiler for 11-20:

11. House Boat (California, USA)

12. Giant Muskie (Hayward, WI, USA)

13. The Big Chicken (Marietta, GA, USA)

14. Guitar Museum (TN, USA)

15. Weird House Boat (Croatia)

16. The sheep building (Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand)

17. Sheepdog building (Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand)

18. House Between The Rocks (France)

19. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)

20. UFO house (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Spoiler for 21-30:

21. Wonder egg (Ishigakijima Island, Okinawa, Japan )

22. Bart Prince house (Albuquerque, USA)

23. The Amazing Flying House (Sarzana, Italy)

24. Teakettle Building (Rockbridge County, VA, USA )

25. Cinema (Kongsberg, Norway)

26. Universum Science Center (Bremen, Germany)

27. SunTrust Bank (Annapolis, MD, USA )

28. Steam World Museum (Gramado, Brazil)

29. Seattle Public Library (Seattle, WA, USA)

30. Peter B Lewis building at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH, USA)

Spoiler for 31-40:

31. Oscar Niemeyer Museum. (Curitiba, Brazil)

32. The Sage Gateshead (Gateshead, England)

33. Turtle building (Niagra Falls, USA)

34. Ysios wine cellar in Laguardia, Álava, Spain

35. Oakley headquarters, Foothill Ranch, California, USA

36. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

37. Little Man Ice Cream Shop (Denver, CO, USA)

38. Doll’s Theatre (Torun, Poland)

39. Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

40. Sport’s Mansion (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Spoiler for 41-50:

41. The Big Pineapple (Nambour, Queensland)

42. Piano shaped building (Huainan, China)

43. Elephant building

44. House on the Rock (Wisconsin, USA)

45. La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

46. Theater in Ibirapuera Park (São Paulo, Brazil)

47. Reversible Destiny Lofts (Mitaka, Japan)

48. Bunker (Chicago, IL, USA)

49. Office Building (St. Petersburg, Russia)

50. Shark Bar (Perm, Russia)

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