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Prosedur Mengemukakan Pelan Bangunan Dan Permit Menduduki [OP]

- note : kalau kat sarawak ianya di panggil ( OP - OCCUPATION PERMIT ) but kalau di semenanjung malaysia ianya di panggil ( CF - CERTIFICATE FOUNDATION ) tetapi dalam keadaan makna yang sama.


   - Building Plan must be submitted by qualified person.
- “Qualified Person” as defined under the Sarawak
Building Ordinance 1994 are Registered Architect,
Engineer and Registered Building Draughtsman.

Types Of Plans That Can Be Submitted.

Registered Architect – Any building plan except where
there is engineering works such as reinforced concrete
detail or other structural works.
Registered Engineer - Any Engineering Plan.
Registered Building Draughtsman – Only for Building Plan
that is endorsed on his certificate (limitation of floor area)
issued by the Board of Architect Malaysia.

Method Of Application.

Building owner must appoint a Qualified Person as
consultant to submit the necessary documents together
with the Building Plan as mentioned below:-
(a)  Letter of authorization on appointment as consultant.
(b)  Sign copy of the building application form.
(c)  Photocopy of the land title.
(d)  Name and address of the owner and consultant to be
       stated on the drawings and to be endorsed by them.
(e)  A copy of approved land subdivision plan.
(f)  To pay processing fee.


Land And Survey Department.
 Under the Ordinance, building plan submitted to the

Council has to be referred to Land & Survey Department
for comment and recommendation.

Fire And Rescue Service Department.

  Commercial, Industrial, Flat and Condominium, the plan
has to be referred to Fire and Rescue Service Department
for comment and approval.

Occupation Permit (OP)

  Application of occupation permit must be made by the
person who submit the building plan to the Council (either
an Architect, Engineer or Registered Draughtsman

If the application is submitted by the Architect, Engineer or
Registered Draughtsman, please ensure that:-
  (a) Form for the application of OP must be submitted by
        the Architect, Engineer or Registered Draughtsman
        to ensure that the building has been completed in
        accordance with the approved plan.
  (b) To obtain all certificate of completion from the
        agencies involved.
  (c) Registration fee had been paid.
  (d) To complete application form (forms can be obtained
        from Plan Counter, Building and Landscaping
        Division, 1st Floor, Dewan Bandaraya Kuching
Registration fees can be paid at 1st Floor, Building and
Landscaping Division

Approving Agencies Within Council ( M.B.K.S , D.B.K.U , ETC...

Building and Landscaping Division
   = Engineering Division
   = Public Health Division
   = Licensing Division

Other Approving Agencies

   =Fire and Rescue Service Department
   =Land and Survey Department


Upon completion, application forms (Forms E & F) must be
submitted to the City Architect, Building & Landscaping
Division, 1st Floor, Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Selatan. An
inspection will be arranged to check whether that the
building has been completed in accordance with the
approved plan. As for Commercial, Industrial, Flats and
Condominium, the Fire and Rescue Service Department is
also required to inspect the building. Occupation Permit
will only be issued when Building Section, Engineering
Division, Public Health Division, Licensing Division and
Fire and Rescue Service Department have no objections


Application for Occupation Permit is to be made after all
the conditions of approval as stated in the approved
building plan have been complied with.


Under By-Law 24 of the Sarawak Building Ordinance 1994
which states:-
No person shall occupy or permit to be occupied any
building or any part thereof unless an occupation permit, a
partial occupation permit or a temporary occupation permit
has been issued under these By-Laws for such building
and any failure to comply with this By-Law shall render
such person guilty of an offence:
Penalty, a fine of RM10,000.00 and in the case of a
continuing offence to a further fine of RM300.00 per day
during which the offence is continued after notice to cease
occupying the building has been issued on such person.


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